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Why Udaipur?

There is No Better Place

Reasons to get Married in Udaipur

This City will give More Reasons than You Need

When you marry, you are bringing together two different worlds and there is nothing as beautiful as two people bringing so many lives together for eternity, making promises for being there for each other through thick and thin and a union so divine deserves to remain memorable. And there is no better place for it to happen than a city that is romance itself – Udaipur, right beside the mesmerizing Picchola, two ghats lie parallel; constantly looking at each other from end to end and then meeting each other at a bridge, becoming one with each other. There’s a love story in every inch of Udaipur. When yours is a bond that is ‘meant to be’, your wedding destination should resonate with it.

Udaipur experiences the most romantic weather during monsoon, encircled by Aravalli Ranges on all sides with pouring rain making it even more romantic. With a beautifully crafted history, beautiful lakes and ancient architecture with magnificently sculpted heritage which tells the story hidden behind it if you are willing to look carefully. No one who visits the place can stop himself from falling in love with it.

Our role is to simply never let this feeling fade. Marriage is beautiful & you should get to enjoy the beauty, savour the moments of your union. That’s why we take care of the duty, meeting every need of yours & keeping you happy. It’s our job to make sure that your destination wedding doesn’t just mean getting married at a different place. You get married in a different world made just for you. We make it a point to realise your dream of getting married under the moonlit sky, with the palaces and gleaming lights witnessing your union like stars as you become one around the holy fire, with flowers of your choice showering on you. The wind grazes the lakes & blows the curtains of your favourite shades. Somewhere behind them you see your parents, with eyes gleaming with joy. It is our duty to bring perfection into these moments.

Your wedding doesn’t just happen every now & then, so don’t just get married. Let us make it a celebration worth remembering for generations, so that whenever you open that photo album of your wedding, every photo brings you right back to the world of your dreams where you became one. Perfectly, in the land of love and lakes.

Come, Get Married in Udaipur!