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Beautiful Destinations

The Most Beautiful Places to get Hitched

Your Perfect Location

Your Wedding Destination should resemble your style.

Being someone’s wedding planner means getting to know the couple over the months that lead up to the wedding. At One World United, we specialize in equipping our clients with all the arrangements to make this day as special as it is destined to be. We have successfully completed a wide array of Destination as well as local wedding events in the past. We offer a broad range of services such as destination management, ambiance designing, event planning and devising an enriching dining experience for you and your guests.

Udaipur experiences the most romantic weather during monsoon, encircled by Aravalli Ranges on all sides with pouring rain making it even more romantic. With a beautifully crafted history, beautiful lakes and ancient architecture with magnificently sculpted heritage which tells the story hidden behind it if you are willing to look carefully. No one who visits the place can stop himself from falling in love with it.

Mysore is a flamboyant city with exceptional weather and moderate temperature during winters, which is probably the best season to plan your wedding here. The city still retains its old world charms, heritage buildings and traditions which derive the quality of eternal love for someone. The majestic city has regal palace buildings that are designed in contemporary that perfectly blend innovation with tradition, offering the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding. 

Jaisalmer is beautifully sculptured with the ridge of alluring yellow sandstones, giving it the rich Golden touch. During winters the nights become much more pleasant with the stars in the sky and cold sand underneath. Laying amidst the Thar Desert, it becomes an off-the-grid location which makes it perfect for couples who want a free-spirited, relaxed vibe on their wedding day. Desolate landscape no more, deserts are full of style and elegance, especially with your beautiful wedding happening in it.

What better place to etch your wedding in stone than the Pink City, where royalty is personified in every corner. It is the Rajputana architecture’s epitome of perfection and the city of love of the kings and the queens. With every structure depicting love, the city romanticizes every aspect of a relationship through every building. With its lavish palaces and ever inspiring marvels of historic architecture, Jaipur is where your royal dreams of a wedding should take place.

Weddings in Jodhpur are becoming popular all over the world and it is a dream for many people to come and get married in Jodhpur. The sun shining bright in the sky of Jodhpur demonstrates that love happens to be in every fleck of the city. The city with all its glamour and grandeur is the best choice for people who want to get married in the Royal Rajputana Style. Magnificent Palaces in Jodhpur are ideal venues to make your wedding splendid.

Pushkar is often described as the land of Lord Brahma. Through its historical significance and beautiful sceneries, Pushkar comes out to be as a place with a natural setting for a wedding. Surrounded by the lush green mountains of the Aravalli Ranges with over 52 peaceful ghats surrounding the lake, the city acts as a median between the religious side and the romanticized aspects of a marriage ceremony.

Jim Corbett, sets the perfect destination for your Wedding, right in the lap of nature, the park offers the full spectrum of seasonal venues for getting hitched. What better place to say your vows than a gorgeous national park with loads of unique and natural spots. What better spot to exchange your vows beneath towering trees that concurrently make you feel like you feel small. Jim Corbett, with its magical landscape and marshy lands, surely brings an extravaganza to your special day.

With its white sand shorelines and derivatives of French architecture, Pondicherry defines itself to be one of the best destinations in the country to have your wedding ceremony. The brightly colored houses overlooking the vast seas, the narrow streets viewed through French windows, and the beaches are hidden behind a lush façade of trees, all envelopes to bring the ambiance of France in front of your eyes. This place reeks of love in all its being, creating the perfect hideaway destination to celebrate your day of love, fun, and frolic.

Ranthambore, being a national sanctuary is a serene place. The place is an ultimate wedding destination for those who wish to have soothing and relaxing environment on their espousal. The gigantic resorts and tempting sceneries together makes this place a dream place to get hitched. Ranthambore is a place that seizes you with its beauty and serenity. Thus, the place with all its beauty, glamour and tranquility is best for your wedding ceremony to take place.

Kerala, an awesome short version of India, which offers the most exotic backdrops for your wedding. Lush green grasslands and palm trees, serene beaches, spectacular hills, mesmerizing backwaters and nonetheless romantic houseboat breaks, with all this around, there is no chance that your destination wedding in Kerala will be any less than a vivid affair. No one who visits this place can stop himself from feeling the inner peace and falling in love with it.

Right from the epic Mahabharata to the Mughal Dynasty, Agra has been monumental with the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. From the breathtaking Persian piece of lands on the banks of the Yamuna to monuments and mausoleums, Agra surely takes you to an era of its splendid past. With its beautifully crafted history, Mughal-era buildings and tombs from Agra’s days of glory, Agra surely is an epitome of love and royalty.

Mussoorie, with beautiful tree-covered hills looking down the Doon valley, the spectacular view of the mountains during sunset, and wide blue giving you a gorgeous display of twinkling stars & the flickering lights in the valley. If you have a love story that has experienced the ups and downs of a perfect true relationship, then your wedding location must portray your story perfectly. The hills, cool breeze and your loved ones around you celebrating the most special day of your life, mountain weddings are always so captivating.

Goa weddings can never go too mainstream. The only wedding destination which can make your friends ten times more excited than you. The coolest, sassiest, jazziest and all the other superlatives altogether combined together describe the vibe of Goa. It’s Goa, even your uninvited guests would try to get themselves invited for the coolest beach wedding of the season. One has to get biased for Goa when planning for their wedding destination. Goa definitely is a Lover’s Paradise.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands


An exotic destination like Andaman and Nicobar with the beaches, where the ceremony backdrop is the crashing waves, the beach vibes, and the cool hues, makes the wedding a memorable one. Shining like emeralds in the Bay of Bengal, Andaman is an archipelago which is an ultimate destination for your wedding. So when you think that the depth of your love is more than that of the sea, then your wedding destination must compliment it.

The city with the majestic snow clad mountains, stunningly rich greenery and the beautiful lakes holds magic in the air. With a perfect mixture of colonial heritage and natural beauty, Shimla offers a unique wedding experience amidst the spectacular snowy hills. As snowflakes stick together and end up in eternal snow, the same way when two souls stick together they make for eternal love. So when you decide to stick with someone for the rest of your life, your wedding destination must resonate with it.