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Press Release is one of the most effective way of involving the Media in your event & simultaneously reaching out to a large crowd via Newspaper, Television and Radio. If you believe in creating your event into a brand and you want to give it the hype it deserve then its one of the shortest way to go for it. Press Release creates an awareness among people and media about your brand which you deserve. We can work this out with you and suggest you the best way on how you should proceed with it.

Advertising can be any form of audio or visual form of marketing communication which reaches out to a large crowd and delivers the message loud and clear in promoting you or your product or services. Traditional media such as Newspapers, Magazines, Television, Radio, Outdoor advertising/Hoardings or Direct Mail; and New Media such as Search Results, Blogs, Social Media, Websites or Bulk Text messages; we aim in reaching out the maximum crowd in order to convey your product. We will provide you with the best!

Social media has made this world into a small community where you can interact with anyone anytime, anywhere you want. We are living in the greatest century where the whole world gives you a chance to explore it. Here, social media plays a great role in giving your work a “Voice” of your own where people would identify you through your work. We have helped many clients to reach out socially to many people across the globe to stand out in their own ways. Give us a call, you deserve the best!

Conferences or Symposium are a great way for various professionals to meet and greet where they can share ideas, express concerns over a period of time. Seminars, on the other hand are considered as a form of academic instruction or teachings offered by a commercial or professional organization which brings together people focusing on same topic, it could also help you in teaching your customers to use your product more effectively.

Today if you are planning on doing an event, everything related to the event should resonate with your thoughts whether it’s your event itinerary, or event flow or your invites, table menu, cards and envelopes, all should be according to your persona and the concept of the event. If you ask us, we always prefer perfection in everything we do. We have our graphic designers, videographers, wedding card designer and the professional to give the best you deserve. We are just a call away!

It’s taken a long time for people to realize that an event is more than just it’s execution, it is about your satisfaction and moreover that of your clients and customers. A person should have the experience embarked in his memory forever. Managing is always the work of the professionals and his team who makes sure that everything should go as smooth as a knife through butter. So, you will know when you meet us that why would you would need us and our team for your flawless event.

Gone are the days when sponsors and event hosts were content to bathe a party in logos and consider their work done. Increasingly innovative experiential marketing, new and expanding digital platforms, and stiffer competition for sponsor dollars have given rise to a savvy set of decision makers – at brands and event hosts alike – who intend to elevate sponsors’ return on investment and build symbiotic partnerships. We are there to help you in getting the required investment for your event.

Face to face interactions are still a powerful and valuable way to forge important relationships. These could include business events like tradeshows, conferences, user groups, Expos, fundraisers, Exhibitions, Award Ceremonies and more. The bottom line is, events can add a lot of value to your brand image and are still some of the best ways to build genuine, long-lasting relationships. Nowadays, people do not hesitate in connecting with you if you are adding a value to their product, they are willing to take a risk if the idea is delivered properly.

Whilst good food and good company (and alcohol) go a long way in keeping smiles on people’s faces, nothing compares to the experience of a live band to keep guests dancing long into the night. Whilst not everyone will be able to remember what they had for a starter, everyone will remember that one band that rocked your wedding so hard that even your mother-in-law gets on the dance floor. This experience in not only limited to weddings but all the other events as well.

Right from the airport pick-up and drop of your guests or arranging shuttle buses, to making arrangements for their comfortable boarding and lodging, their greet-and-meet at the venue or hotel to making sure the itinerary is handy for all the guests, we organize it all with ease. Our logistics services are just a beck and call away to offer the necessary assistance during the course of the event and to fulfill special requests like premium, vintage cars for the bride and the groom, tie ups for sightseeing trips and much more.