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Services for Your Wedding

Wedding Planning

Destination Sourcing


Can a destination support you in the ambition to offer outstanding content to your guests? Absolutely! A city, when chosen well, can provide you with an exhilarating atmosphere, local experts in different business clusters and key opinion leaders. All of this can enrich your event programme and boost the engagement of your guests.

Designing & Decor


Designing &Décor are not just a thoughtful colour scheme and carefully arranged flowers; it creates and sets the stage for any event. What would a play be without the sets and backdrops? It would be bland and boring with no visual interest. The same holds true for an event. The event is like a play; and it needs the sets and backdrops to set the stage, create the atmosphere, and stimulate and energize the guests. We will not cease to surprise you with innumerable wedding event ideas and corporate event ideas, irrespective of your budget for the event.



Hospitality plays a vital role in any wedding. The marriage ceremony is elaborate now a days and spans over a few days. Thus, suitable arrangements are required for hospitality for your out of town guests.By your hospitality, your guests will remember you warmly and thank you not only for an enjoyable time at the wedding, but also for a comfortable and pleasant stay. We provide and manage total hospitality section to make the entire wedding go smoothly for our clients and make their guests feel comfortable and at home.

Logistics & Operations


Right from the airport pick-up and drop of guests and participants or arranging shuttle buses, to making arrangements for their comfortable boarding and lodging, their greet-and-meet at the venue or hotel to making sure the itinerary is handy for all the guests, we organize it all with ease. Our logistics services are just a beck and call away to offer the necessary assistance during the course of the event and fulfil special requests like premium, vintage cars for the bride and the groom, tie ups for sightseeing trips and much more.

Event Planning



Catering isn’t just about the food anymore. Every aspect of the event is of the utmost importance, from the tablecloths to the service. We’d like to think that some of the most important aspects of your wedding should go seemingly unnoticed. That means that the preparation, service and assistance happen organically, and without disruption. Our services are meticulously planned, which means that our job will look as easy as pie.



Whilst good food and good company (and alcohol) go a long way in keeping smiles on people’s faces, nothing compares to the experience of a live band to keep guests dancing long into the night. Whilst not everyone will be able to remember what they had for a starter, everyone will remember that one band that rocked your wedding so hard that even your mother-in-law gets on the dance floor. Trust us; your guest will remember that for a lifetime.

Event Branding and Marketing


Face to face interactions are still a powerful and valuable way to forge important relationships. These could include business events like tradeshows, conferences, user groups, Expos, fundraisers, Exhibitions, Award Ceremonies and more. The bottom line is, events can add a lot of value to your brand image and are still some of the best ways to build genuine, long-lasting relationships.

Event Sponsorship and Sales


Gone are the days when sponsors and event hosts were content to bathe a party in logos and consider their work done. Increasingly innovative experiential marketing, new and expanding digital platforms, and stiffer competition for sponsor dollars have given rise to a savvy set of decision makers – at brands and event hosts alike – who intend to elevate sponsors’ return on investment and build symbiotic partnerships. We are there to help you in getting the required investment for your event.


Your Style

The choices surrounding your wedding day are endless and sometimes overwhelming. We can help! We have all the tools to help you find that one-of-a-kind, breathtaking perfect dress.