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City of Golden Hearts - where love shines before the sun

Finding true love in this world is as hard as finding water in a desert. When two people are getting married, it’s not only their bodies that get hitched but also their soul and every bit of them. It’s a beautiful feeling when you look at someone and you realize that this is the best thing that has ever happened to you. When this happens, you hope to be with that person for your entire lifetime. And there is no better place for your espousal to happen than the city of hope itself – Jaisalmer, completely surrounded by endless sand and sunlight, this city allows you to express your eternal love for your partner. Love lies in every crump of Jaisalmer and the love of sand and the sun is a testimony of this. So, when you love someone and want to spend the rest of your life with them, your wedding destination must counterpart with it.

Jaisalmer is beautifully sculptured with the ridge of alluring yellow sandstones, giving it the rich Golden touch. During winters the nights become much more pleasant with the stars in the sky and cold sand underneath. Laying amidst the Thar Desert, it becomes an off-the-grid location which makes it perfect for couples who want a free-spirited, relaxed vibe on their wedding day. Desolate landscape no more, deserts are full of style and elegance, especially with your beautiful wedding happening in it.

We promise to turn your dream wedding into reality. We emphasize on even the minutest details as we understand that nothing can go wrong on your Wedding day. You just have to think about looking and feeling great on your wedding and leave the rest to us. Marriage is an ethnic weaving of two families together, and your family should be by your side rather than running errands for the arrangements. This is the most beautiful bond of Love, Care and Commitment and we want everyone to witness it. Your wish is our command and it is our top-most priority to make sure that you are happy. Your walking down the cobble-stone pathway with your love standing right in front of you and your family brimming with tears of joy as you take the first step towards the new beginning. And everything that surrounds you is what you always dreamt of, making this celebration even more beautiful. What else one can ask for?

With the clean and bright backdrop of the simple landscape, the interesting textures of cracked mud and sand dunes, Jaisalmer conjures up images of an Arabian Nights fable. With its beautifully crafted history, temples, royal havelis and the golden fort, the city has facts to declare, tales to impress, uniqueness to wonder and spirit to live which makes it even more peaceful and romantic. No one who visits this place can stop himself from feeling the inner peace and falling in love with it. May you too find love in this Golden Desert. May it be as permanent as the stars in the sky, and as comforting as a Lullaby.

This Wedding Season, get hitched in Jazzy Jaisalmer!

Be fabulous. Be empowered. Be Blown Away!