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Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett – Reserve Thy Love

Where words fail, love speaks and enlightens the soul. When someone else’s happiness becomes yours, you become one such lucky soul to find your soul mate and want to spend your life with them. Wedding is one of a lifetime occasion which gives you a bucket of memories and blessings to adore forever with your partner. Spicing up your wedding with a stunning destination prompts memories that you can admire forever. One such magnificent destination with a beautiful sunset as the backdrop, Jim Corbett, sets the perfect destination for your Wedding. Right in the lap of nature, the park offers the full spectrum of seasonal venues for getting hitched. What better place to say your vows than a gorgeous national park with loads of unique and natural spots. From majestic green mountains to a rainbow of lush fall leaves, from panoramic views to the unmatched flora and fauna, Jim Corbett pulls off all the arrays of options that appeal to you while choosing your destination. If you dream of holding your nuptials in nature, then Jim Corbett is the best choice.

Corbett experiences excellent weather from Mid-November to Mid-June which is probably the best season to get hitched here. With wildlife safaris, scenic beauty, exotic wildlife, riverside belts and grasslands, the park sets the perfect ambiance for your Wedding. What better spot to exchange your vows beneath towering trees that concurrently make you feel like you are so small and your love is even taller than the treetops. Lying in the foothills of the Himalayas, Corbett is not only rich in wildlife but also history. Jim Corbett, with its magical landscape and marshy lands, surely brings an extravaganza to your special day.

Our role is to host a perfect, scenic, and mesmerizing occasion, accompanied with your friends and relatives keeping in mind all the requirements and fulfill them to the satisfaction. Marriages are like fingerprints; each one is different and each one is beautiful. We work closely with you to manage that right blend of your choices, meeting every demand of yours and keeping you cheerful. It is our duty to bring excellence in those moments. The cool gust of wind enchants your soul, tousling your heart and somewhere behind them you see your parents, with eyes glimmering with bliss. We offer you one of a kind destination wedding, integrating the various bits of nature mixing in a way that gives you a wonderful experience of a splendid evening right in the heart of wilderness.

Let the jaw-dropping backdrop of red cliffs, the moody, foggy mountains and the cool breeze mesmerize you on your special day to make it a lifetime indelible event. All that we see or seem is a dream within a dream. So let us bring your dreams to life when you become one and cherish these moments ever after. Plan your adventurous betrothal at Jim Corbett.

Get hitched in the heart of Wilderness.

Be fabulous. Be empowered. Be Blown Away!