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Kerala – Paradise of Love

The love shared between two souls is as deep and wondrous as the depths of the sea and marriage is the love that celebrates life and possibility. It is a promise to share one life together, a love filled promise meant to be kept lovingly forever. Every couple wants a perfect wedding affair and destination weddings surely spice up the wedding by more than a couple of scores. And all the better if it is by placid and beautiful waters. From right up in the north to down south, if there’s one place that has become the latest fashion in natural wedding destinations is Kerala, an awesome short version of India, which offers the most exotic backdrops for your wedding. Lush green grasslands and palm trees, serene beaches, spectacular hills, mesmerizing backwaters and nonetheless romantic houseboat breaks, with all this around, there is no chance that your destination wedding in Kerala will be any less than a vivid affair.
Surrounded by a graceful coastal strip, which is shaped by a layered landscape with illustrious Arabian Sea coast and beaches, a restful network of glistening backwaters and the spice and tea covered hills of the Western Ghats, Kerala offers wonderful green surroundings at an altitude and cultural versatility on the other side. Besides its famous backwaters, elegant houseboats and delicately spiced taste bud tingling cuisine, Kerala is home to wild elephants which have been an Indian icon and a dream for many to have their presence in their wedding can also be added up and managed easily. Kerala experiences a pleasant weather during winters mostly, which is the best season to get hitched and be an extravaganza for everyone to cherish for a lifetime. No one who visits this place can stop himself from feeling the inner peace and falling in love with it.
It is our responsibility to make your wedding look exactly like you imagined it to be and more. The nervousness rushing through your veins and the happiness on your face as your betrothal arrives has to be evident and we make it is our duty that the smile on your face remains intact. We cannot afford to see our clients worrying about the last minute wedding arrangements. We are here to fulfill all your wishes, your personal genies to take care of your wedding arrangements. Your Kerala wedding should look like one big festival, the festival that everyone should be a part of. We strive for excellence to deliver the best to our clients. We promise to craft your classical wedding in the most alluring way to make your special day a little extra special.
Wedding is the greatest celebration that one experiences. This celebration should be the most adorable one. Your wedding location adds that extra enthusiasm to the wedding and Kerala has its own aura of serenity and calmness that embalms it with love. What better chance to celebrate your wedding vows under clear skies with the relaxing sounds of waves throbbing in the background and what better place to swear a bond than in a shore which has survived the distress of time.
Come get hitched in this tropical paradise!

Be fabulous. Be empowered. Be Blown Away!