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Mussoorie – The Queen of Hills

Love is just a word until you get married. Wedding is an event you never want to forget. From exchanging vows to witnessing your loved ones share touching remarks, there are so many memories in the making. The growth of love is not a straight line, but a series of hills and valleys which symbolizes that the journey might be difficult but the ending is always beautiful and there is no better place to celebrate your love than the city of hills and hearts itself – Mussoorie, with beautiful tree-covered hills looking down the Doon valley, the spectacular view of the mountains during sunset, and wide blue giving you a gorgeous display of twinkling stars & the flickering lights in the valley. If you have a love story that has experienced the ups and downs of a perfect true relationship, then your wedding location must portray your story perfectly.

The city is a great get-away during summers when the weather is soothing with a wonderful change of environment which makes the wedding refreshing & quite out-of-the-box. With its green hills and varied nature, the town presents a fairyland atmosphere for your marriage. With various beautiful locations, each telling its own tale in a romantic way. Mists envelope the mountain slopes and paints the sky a faint mauve while the woods around of pine, cedar, birch, oak, rhododendron and deodar glow green which makes the scenery breathtaking and peaceful. The hills, cool breeze and your loved ones around you celebrating the most special day of your life – mountain weddings are always so captivating.

As you make your first move towards the new life, we make sure that every single step you take looks perfect. Wedding is simply not just about the ceremonies but the all those moments that led you to this day. This is the day which will change your life forever for better, and we understand the importance of making it magical. Your friends and families are our responsibility; it is our job to make sure that everything falls right into the place. As you enter the venue with your family looking absolutely stunning we make sure that everything you see makes you feel proud about your choice. Your satisfaction is our responsibility. As your wedding guests witness your becoming one for life, we make sure that everything is right. Our job is not just to plan a wedding, but to make it an occasion worth remembering.

Your wedding should be filled with romance and passion, and Mussoorie has a wonderful romantic air to it. Long Pines, Canals, Beautiful Orchids, Waterfalls, architecture and the beautiful Sunsets makes it a heaven for pre-wedding pictures. It is the best wedding destination for those who want to get hitched appreciating the glory of nature. So stop thinking any further and live your dream at this gorgeous destination.

Come, Get hitched in Magical Mussoorie!!!

Be fabulous. Be empowered. Be Blown Away!