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Mysore – Where Two Souls Blend

Love is the root of marriage that stands by each other’s side on good days and even more on the worst. It is real and everlasting when you find the right person and decide to get hitched. Showering such infinite love with its beautiful palaces, Mysore surely brings out the idea of a new and unconventional wedding destination. Famed for its royal heritage and rich tradition, Mysore is adorned with beautiful forts and palaces which make the city more opulent like no other for a perfect destination wedding. The royal city is a slow reveal pleasure with the beauty of architecture connected to nature and love in every inch. The city also lends its name to the splendid cuisines, temples, gardens, and galleries that let you cherish every moment of your wedding here. A modern-day paradox in the making, the city makes you fall in love with it again and again.

Mysore is a flamboyant city with exceptional weather and moderate temperature during winters, which is probably the best season to plan your wedding here. The city still retains its old world charms, heritage buildings and traditions which derive the quality of eternal love for someone. The majestic city has regal palace buildings that are designed in contemporary that perfectly blend innovation with tradition, offering the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding. With a tropical savanna climate and a balance between nature and heritage, Mysore serves a blend of the most romantic spots to get hitched in a flawless way. Let Mysore be your dream wedding destination that remains etched in your memory forever.

The greatest joy in this world is when you see two souls becoming one. It is your wedding and it should be based on your preferences. The emotions we witness when we see the father of the bride standing strong as he gives away his little princess to her prince, or when the groom lays his eyes on his bride as she enters the venue. The bride with the heavy heart as she leaves her family and the spark in her eyes as she enters her new family. These series of purest emotions gives us the motivation to make your wedding the most beautiful day in your life. We love what we do and making your day look straight out of a fairytale is our responsibility. All the arrangements need to be perfect and we guarantee you the ultimate perfection. It’s not just about the décor and the food, it’s much more. Every single thing at your wedding would be customized around your choice. We offer you the most luxurious and mesmerizing wedding crafted in the way exactly like you want it to be.

Marriage is a journey starting at forever and ending at never. Make this journey of eternity extra special by choosing the right destination. Mysore will add its touch to your wedding so every time you see your wedding album you will be transported to the most precious day of your life. Start your amazing journey at Mystical Mysore.

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