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Begin your New life with ethereal blessings of gods in Peaceful Pushkar!

Marriage represents the eternal bond between a man and a woman, bonding their fates and their faiths into one soul. The amalgamation of two families in manner of a holy matrimony; the merger of two groups of loved ones into one whole family; their trusts and visions synced into one, which are the backbones of every marriage. It is sacred to its very roots, and with each passing ritual the sense and realization of their bond grows stronger and closer. This profound religious and romantic event of marriage is a moment of extreme happiness and joy, one which you shall remember throughout your lives. So why not have it in a place whose lands are filled with religious mythologies and picturesque natural beauty. A place which is one of the most pious and sacred cities in our country- Pushkar.

Pushkar is often described as the land of Lord Brahma. Through its historical significance and beautiful sceneries, Pushkar comes out to be as a place with a natural setting for a wedding. Surrounded by the lush green mountains of the Aravalli Ranges with over 52 peaceful ghats surrounding the lake, the city acts as a median between the religious side and the romanticized aspects of a marriage ceremony. A place, where the temple bells ring throughout the day providing a symphony as you cherish the calmness of the birds gliding over the lakes as the sun sets in the background. The city proves itself to be your medley of having a marriage complete with ritualistic importance and the embrace of love amidst one of nature’s wonderful valleys.

Our role fits in right there, to take care of your dreams and make them into a reality of a wedding. Your marriage is one of the most important days of your lives, and we are here to enrich your wedding to the best of all possible means. It is our duty to bestow upon you the happiness and joy that you deserve at such a celebration, without the worry of a single thing. It would our honor to take care of your families and guests and treat them with the utmost of respect and regard to give them all a wedding worth remembering. We shall make it our aim to create your wedding as an extension of your dreams to get married on the lakeside, with the moon shining across your face while you meet your beloved’s eyes, to see that your parents are filled with joy to see you take the next step into a long and prosperous life ahead, having their blessings to guide you through each step of the way.

This matrimonial ceremony is the biggest one of your lives, and it would be a waste to not create it at a grand scale and as an occasion straight out of your dreams. It would be our pleasure to facilitate this venture of yours with the best of our possible means, and to give you and your loved ones a marriage to echo through the ages. So don’t just get married, have your ceremony in a place where the gods themselves shall shower flowers upon you and the winds shall carry you on to the next phase of your shared lives together.

Begin your New life with ethereal blessings of gods in Peaceful Pushkar!

Be fabulous. Be empowered. Be Blown Away!